Cat Care London- How to Reduce Costs on Keeping a Cat

How to Reduce Costs on Keeping a Cat

cat sitting LondonSurviving the financial crisis is difficult enough, but when you have pets which rely on you for sustenance, shelter and veterinary care, every little bit helps.

It’s a sad fact that many animals are given up or abandoned every week as animal lovers struggle to cope with the current economic climate.

This is very problematic for cat charities who have to look after cats when money is in short supply, living off contributions to keep their cats in good wellbeing.

Here are a few points which should help make looking after a cat on a tight budget more manageable:
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1. Consider every animal cost. Is it a key part of pet care? Do you need that specific cat food or product? Easier said than done, get the cats used to variety, equally dry and wet, as well as different brands and flavours. Keep an eye on special deals. You can stock up. Investigate vouchers and search on the internet for promotions. Buy based on price per pound / kg as sometimes, especially with special deals, the smaller pack can be more economical.

2. Is it possible that you can club together with friends to buy food and bedding in bulk, reducing the total price and passing on savings to all.

3. Veterinary bills are unknown, but must be considered. If cash is a little difficult, you may find a lot of vets will consider spreading the costs monthly. If you can afford it, have or keep cat insurance.
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4. Most people can make lifestyle changes! It’s not all about finding ways to keep your animal more economically. See if you can do it for yourself!

5. What about earning some cash? There is also the possibility of cat sitting although good companies such as London Cat Sitting will require you also to do some dog walking. Perhaps find a dog walking job and become a Dog Walker. Good companies such as London Dog Walking will require you do it regularly.

6. You may have put cats in boarding in the past, but what about using a cat sitter? The animal may prefer it and cat sitters often do other things.
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7. Are you thinking of choosing a cat? Certainly consider rescuing a pet from a charity – they are suffering during

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