Like humans, cats need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, content and healthy. None of us, human or cat, like being left alone for long periods without interaction or sufficient exercise. This can result in behavioural problems such as scratching. So what better way to ensure that your cats get their stimulation than to allow our London Cat Sitters to help you?

It is well known that cats are healthier and happier when they stay at home rather than in a cattery. Do your cats stop washing when in a cattery?  Do they lose weight even though you supplied their normal food?
We love cats and we will come to your house and:

  • Feed your cats
  • Change the litter o Refresh their water
  • Fuss, play and groom them
  • Change the litter We will do any additional jobs whilst in the house, such as:
  • Water plants and light gardening
  • Remove mail from the mail box
  • Empty the bins We will even leave you a diary of your cat’s news while you have been away!

London Cat Sitting image1st4 London Cat Sitting also offers a loving and professional dog and pet sitting service. This includes pet sitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, small animal care and dog walking.
We  carefully select our cat sitters, ensuring they are committed animal lovers. We fully vet our cat sitters to ensure they have excellent references which are checked.

We insure the work and we also do a background check by the police.

Our team all follow our Cat Sitting code of practice.
We are registered members of Pet Sitters International (PSI) which has the same principles as us. They educate professional cat and pet sitters. They also promote, support and recognise pet sitting excellence.
1st4 London Cat Sitting is a member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARP). They have set the national standards for the House and Pet sitting industries as well as being the largest UK Pet Care organisation.
Our London cat sitters are available seven days a week, even at short notice! Please ring to discuss your requirements with us.


The video below must be one of the cleverest cats in London.

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