1st4 London Cat Sitting  provide a loving alternative to boarding your pets at a kennel or cattery.

With our cat sitting service, no more need to impose upon your friends and family with the worry about what they are thinking or, even worse, the worry about how your cat is getting on.


Meet the Team

    cat sitter team member Our team are:
  • * Police Checked
  • * Insured
  • * Referenced
  • * Trained


London Cat Sitting

About Our Service

We strive to replace the cat care that you provide at home with a professional and loving alternative.

Whether your cat is a moggie, a pedigree cat such as the Persian, a Bengal cat, a domestic long hair and whether your cat needs just one visit from our London Cat Sitters, a weekend, a couple of weeks or a regular visit, just contact us. Remember your cats’ care and well-being are our number one priority. Number two, close behind, is your peace of mind.

We are a central London based company and we and our cat sitters are fully insured and are proud members of The UK National Association of Registered Petsitters (NARP) and Pet Sitters International (PSI).

White British Shorthair

Why a Consultation?

We will provide an initial, free, face-to-face consultation with you for the following reasons:

1. To provide the best service, we need to understand your cat’s needs and behaviours.

2. To introduce ourselves and our cat sitters to your cat, in your presence, when your kitty is most content.

3. It is an important for you to know us as you will be entrusting us with your beloved cat. This is a difficult decision and we want you to be totally confident with our London Cat Sitters

CAmden Cat


The Consultation?

At the initial free consultation we will note:

* Your cat’s special needs and requirements, whether a standard tabby, a domestic long hair or a special pedigree cat.

* Details on its habits, diet, favourite activities, health and medical history etc.

* Veterinarian contact details and we will also check the vaccination records.

* All emergency contact details.

* Other pets or animals you would like us to look after

There will probably be a lot more you want to discuss with us and this is the advantage of this free consultation.

We hope to hear from you and your kitty soon.

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